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Marcel S. Pawlowski

Marcel S. Pawlowski

PhD Student of Astronomy in Prof. Pavel Kroupa's research group at the University of Bonn. His main research interests are the phase-space distribution of Milky Way satellite galaxies and the formation of tidal dwarf galaxies. His blog about astronomy, photography and other topics can be found at (in German and English).

Pavel Kroupa

I am a Czech-born Australian citizen teaching and researching at the University of Bonn on dynamics and stellar populations. After studying physics at The University of Western Australia, Perth, I obtained my PhD from Cambridge University, UK, as an Isaac Newton Scholar and continued as a Senior Rouse Ball Scholars at Trinity College. I habilitated at the University of Kiel. I then took up a Heisenberg Fellowship and later accepted the position as a professor at Bonn University in 2004. I was awarded a Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship (2007, Sheffield, UK) and a Swinburne Visiting Professorship (2007, Melbourne, Australia). My web-page:
Pure innovative science can only truly thrive in hon-hierarchical societies in which competition for resources is not extreme. Therefore I see the need for the German academic system to modernise (away from its hierarchies) and warn of academic systems that are based on an extreme competition for resources (USA), as these stiffle the experimentation with new ideas.