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The Kepler Equation

24. June 2009, 21:47

An equation which was first published 400 years ago continues to be in demand - more than ever before. (More)

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The Sunniest and Darkest Places on Earth

15. June 2009, 22:22

It's the week of summer solstice on the northern hemisphere which means that the sun never sets above the Artic Circle and those brave people who stay the winter over in Antarctica are at the midpoint of half a year of total darkness, right? Well it's worth to take a more careful look. Which places get the most sunshine and how dark does it ever get? (More)

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Far Away From Home

06. June 2009, 22:13

Some people like to get away from home as far as possible. Just how far away can you get and who has been furthest? (More)

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