The ATV Launch Seen from Above!

from Michael Khan, 17. February 2011, 11:42

Normally, rocket launches are viewed from below - you see the rocket rising into the sky trailing a massive pall of smoke and disappearing in the distance. With yesterday's launch of the space freighter, the  European Space Agency's Automated Transfer Vehicle ATV-2, named after the German astronomer Johannes Kepler, things were different. One lucky person had a grandstand view: European astronaut Paolo Nespoli on the International Space Station took these great shots of the launch of the Ariane 5 rocket carrying the ATV-2 to orbit from above.

(Lesen Sie diesen Artikel hier auf Deutsch)

I'd say that Paolo Nespoli with his orbital photo blog is treading in the footsteps of his American astronaut colleague and photo-blogger "Astro_Wheels", aka Douglas Wheelock, who is now back on Earth from his mission to the ISS.

Please follow the The ATV-2 "Johannes Kepler"'s mission on ESA's ATV Blog.

Paolo Nespoli's first shot of the ascending Ariane 5 rocket on Flickr. Source: Paolo Nespoli/ESA. Please click on the picture to obtain an enlarged version. 


 Another shot of the launch, taken a bit later, when the ISS has approached the location. The smoke trail has been partially dispersed by high altitude winds. Source: Paolo Nespoli/ESA

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