Astro_Wheels: The Coolest Photo Blog this Side of Beta Pic

from Michael Khan, 11. November 2010, 07:34

Is this cool, or is it? Douglas H Wheelock, aka "Astro_Wheels", astronaut and current ISS commander, also blogs and twitters from orbit. And he certainly has amazing talent. Sure, one could argue that he also has amazing motives. But that isn't all. What camera makers never tell you is that a photograph isn't created on a photographic emulsion or an electronic chip. A photograph, first and foremost, is created in the photographer's head. You need that innate feel for image composition, colours and lighting. That's the photographer's "right stuff". You can't learn it. You just have to have it, and Astro_Wheels has got it. 

I'm not envious. Who, me? No way.

Here is some of Astro_Wheels' work. Click on the images and enjoy at the full-size versions.

(Lesen Sie diesen Artikel hier auf Deutsch)

Twitpic-Bild, Quelle: Astro_Wheels

Twitpic-Bild, Quelle: Astro_Wheels

Twitpic-Bild, Quelle: Astro_Wheels

Oh ... and as for Beta Pic: Please read it up here.

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