Rrrrammstein in Space!

from Michael Khan, 14. November 2009, 00:00

A cold, dark rubble pile, a few kilometers across. He never ventures far from his lair in the asteroid main belt. No closer to the Sun than 2.5 AU, no farther than 2.7. His orbit is inclined by a mere 12 degrees ...  an asteroid can hardly be more common than that!

Bahn des Asteroiden 110393/Rammstein/Quelle: Michael Khan/ESA (Lesen Sie diesen Artikel hier auf Deutsch)

This dude ain't no badass lookin' fer trouble. He's just another humdrum asteroid among untold myriads. Nothing even remotely dangerous. Nothing to worry or warn the kids about. Nothing that invites censorship. No PHA. Not even a NEO. The destroyer of worlds, the end of our civilization ... nope, no way. 

So can you believe that this asteroid should be the one to be named 110393/Rammstein, a distinction he owes to the music taste of Jean-Claude Merlin, the man who discovered him in 2001?  

I am so disappointed. Like, rilly.

More Information

110393/Rammstein in the NASA/JPL minor planet database.

Wikipedia's List of minor asteroids named after peeps

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