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The Shakers - and their importance for Evolutionary Studies
Excerpt: In a recent post and article, I wrote about the high-fertile Old Order Amish and their reproductive success. The United Believers in Christ's Second Appearance commonly called The Shakers are another religious tradition proving that religiosity is able...
Weblog: Biology of Religion
Date: 03/10/2010 20:52

Religions and Fertility in the US - GSS-Data
Excerpt: There are many high-fertile religious communities out there - as, for example, the Old Order Amish. Other religious groups, as the Shakers, who didn't manage (or chose) to have enough children, succumbed to (bio-)cultural evolution as well. In contrast...
Weblog: Biology of Religion
Date: 03/06/2010 19:37

Beauty in Evolution? Enjoying the Story of Life
Excerpt: Just reading "On the Origin of Stories. Evolution, Cognition and Fiction" by Brian Boyd, I would like to reflect about our human propensity to present facts in the form of narratives. In a sense, that seems to be a very basic universal, with ...
Weblog: Biology of Religion
Date: 09/01/2010 12:30

Der Gottesinstinkt - Evolutionäre Religionsforschung in Deutsch
Excerpt: Wer in deutscher Sprache über Wissenschaft schreibt, von dem wird Jammern und Klage erwartet. Denn da bei uns noch immer fast alle Finanzierung vom Staat erhofft wird gilt es, der öffentlichen Meinung mit der immergleichen Leier zu kommen: We...
Weblog: Natur des Glaubens
Date: 30/12/2009 13:04