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Today, a happy scientific blogger

from Michael Blume, 17. November 2011, 19:32

As I started to blog about my field of study some years ago (at first in German only), it started as a playful trial. But readers and commentators got surprisingly interested in the topics at hand, I was invited into the Scilogs-community and decided to open this English version, too. And I learned that it can be hard work to offer regular contributions as well as reactions to comments and discussions. As anybody would (especially anybody with a family with a wonderful wife and now three young kids, a captivating job and a lot of scientific and publishing schedules), I pondered now and then whether I should reduce my blogging activities. But today, I am a happy blogger.

No, I did not get another award, a grant or a recommendation by a colleague. I just received a nice e-mail via my homepage from Ireland. And this short mail spoke directly to those motivations which keep me blogging:


I read your report on the reproductive benefits of religiosity with great interest. I am not involved in any work related to it, nor am I particularly religious but I have been following the debates from both sides. I just wanted to congratulate you on excellent scholarship, the reports and articles of yours I have read on your website have been fascinating to read.

It is just a personal hobby of mine to follow the debates involved. I have been learning a lot of the evolution of religion from your site - my own interest began after reading Nicholas Wade\'s book The Faith Instinct.

Well done on your good work, And greetings to you from Ireland. 


Although I don't have a picture from the moment I read this mail, I found another one, having had a fullfilling day of hard work. And that's how I felt.

Thanks to the sender from Ireland for making a Scilogs-blogger happy with some encouraging and friendly words!

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